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26 Oct–16 Dec 2012

Terese Schulmeister: Meat Me

ANNEXE AND LIBRARY: Meat Me is the debut solo show in a UK institution of Vienna based artist Terese Schulmeister.

Central to the exhibition are three feature-length narrative videos made between 1984 and 1991 while Schulmeister was an active member of the far-left commune established by Vienna Actionist Otto Muehl at Friedrichshof, just outside Vienna. Schulmeister’s videos from the Friedrichshof period - produced in collaboration with Muehl - are anarchic, low-fi, gory and satirical. Irresponsibly biographical, her subjects include the golden age of Vienna Modernism (Back to Fucking Cambridge, 1987), Andy Warhol in all his factory period pomp (Andy’s Cake, 1991) and Vincent Van Gogh, reimagined as proto-hippy provocateur (Vincent, 1984).

Alongside a cast drawn from the commune, the videos feature cameos appearances from Nam June Paik, Martin Kippenberger, Harald Szeemann, Maria Lassnig, Lawrence Weiner, Dieter Roth, Albert Oehlen, Heimo Zobernig, Hermann Nitzsch, Peter Weibel and Norman Rosenthal amongst others.

The three videos are presented across SPACE’s Annexe and Library galleries alongside Schulmeister’s paintings, her etching and collage work and documentary material relating to the videos and the Friedrichshof experiment in general.

Terese Schulmeister was born in Gmunden, Austria and lives and works between Vienna and her studio at Friedrichshof.

Previews 25 Oct 2012, 6 - 9pm

Please be advised, exhibition contains nudity and graphic language.