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image courtesy: Rosemary Kirton

image courtesy: Byron Peters

image courtesy: Kei Kreutler

image courtesy: Huw Lemmey

image courtesy: Kari Altmann

image courtesy: Gretchen Andrew

image courtesy: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Image courtesy: Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen

image courtesy: Erica Scourti

image courtesy: Samuel Keswil

Residencies + Bursaries

/// New White Building Residency Artists Announced. Details here ///

/// 2014 Valerie Beston Prizewinner Announced. Details here ///

Unique among UK institutions, SPACE supports artists who work at the intersection of art, technology and ecology. By focusing on artists and their relationship with emerging technology, the residencies encourage consideration of how artistic practice is continually shifting, responding and innovating in an increasingly fragmented post-analogue era.

SPACE residencies nurture and support the participating artists by offering space, time, and resources to produce new work, as well as a public platform to share and develop their ideas.

SPACE residencies take place at The White Building.

2014-15 SPACE residency artists are:

Kari Altmann
Kei Kreutler
Byron Peters
Gretchen Andrew
Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen
Erica Scourti
Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Huw Lemmey
Rosemary Kirton
Samuel Kenswil and Chris Timms

SPACE also runs a series of bursary schemes offering artists space to work, alongside collaborations with a range of partners on international programmes from Eyebeam, Art and Technology Center in New York to LUX, London.

  current bursaries

Jonathan Lux: Valerie Beston Prizewinner 2014

The winner of the Valerie Beston Artists' Trust award 2014 is Jonathan Lux.     

03 Jun news stories

2014 - 15 White Building Residency Artists Announced

SPACE is pleased to announce the new White Building residency artists. 12 practitioners will take part in the INFRA_SPECTION cycle, producing work which gives form to the idea of #stacktivism .     

  past residencies and bursaries

Past residencies and bursaries